Club of 100

Sponsor brochure Vissenloop IJmuiden 2019

Sponsorship committee

Fred van Dam
T 06-53415629

Nico Stoker
T 06-28551987

Esther van Luyn
T 06-23231619

Since the third edition of the Vissenloop, we have the Club of 100. For people and companies who want to do something extra. Because they support the Vissenloop and/or KWF Kankerbestrijding.

Many (former) patients and their friends and family realize better than anyone that they are still alive due to the advancing development of science. And for the time being, a lot of money is still needed for research. Hence the Vissenloop and hence the Club of 100!

Timmerbedrijf Pascal Voetelink has made a beautiful aquarium completely selflessly for this, in which our “Club-of-hundredfish” swim.

By donating 100 euros once, your name and/or logo will appear on such a fish.

Toon Boon from tobo-advertising from Santpoort makes a beautiful sticker for that (again completely selflessly). And you will receive a certificate and a voucher from us to enjoy a nice fried fish at the finish. The board will be placed here on the site, and will have a place of honor on the podium during our event.

With your fish in our aquarium, you belong to our Club of 100! And let’s hope that our fish can continue to swim for years!

Club-of-100-fishAre you in? You can sign up all year round by sending an email to or by calling Fred van Dam (06-53415629).

You can participate directly by transferring 100 euros to account number NL 59 RABO 0373 5372 63 in the name of ‘KWF kankerbestrijding – 143813’ stating: “Club of 100” and stating the name we should put on your fish.

Club of 100-board

Members of the Club of 100

  1. Car body repair shop C.A.R.
  2. Bert and Jolanda van Baekel
  3. Pedicure A.A.M. Bal-Konijn
  4. Beau Azia Administration
  5. Fred and Iris van Dam
  6. Remco and Tamara
  7. Willem and Jennifer
  8. Happy Walking IJmuiden
  9. Ineke and Erik van Hofwegen
  10. Roel and Marga Kips
  11. Ans and Frans van Kuijeren
  12. Jan Kees van der Leek
  13. OOK Pedagogical Expertise Group in remembrance of Agaath
  14. N.N.
  15. Nel and Han Heilig
  16. Rimont Montage
  17. Rocco de Niet, Jopie de Niet and Sam de Niet
  18. Nico Stoker
  19. Arlette and Marc
  20. Hans van Wijk
  21. Willemse van Poorten Lawyers
  22. Ton and Sue Zwart
  23. perhaps your name?