Privacy statement

In this privacy statement, the Vissenloop IJmuiden (Vissenloop) answers the most important questions about the processing of personal data by the Vissenloop.

What is personal data?

Personal data is any information about an identified or identifiable natural person. This means that information is either directly about someone or can be traced back to this person. The fact that it must be a natural person means that data of deceased persons or of organizations (companies) are not personal data.

Whose personal data does the Vissenloop process?

The Vissenloop processes personal data of people with whom a direct or indirect relationship is maintained or has been. These are, for example, data from:

  • walkers who are themselves a natural person;
  • contact persons of walkers;
  • people who ask questions by e-mail or letter to the secretariat of the Vissenloop.
  • Who is responsible for the processing of personal data within the Vissenloop?

All organizational units of the Vissenloop process personal data. These are the board and the secretariat. In addition, the cash audit committee can inspect the administration in the context of the annual audit.

The board is ultimately responsible, but within the Vissenloop the secretariat is responsible for the correct and careful processing of personal data.

For questions and comments about this, please contact the secretariat.

What does the Vissenloop process personal data for?

If you want to become a walker of the Vissenloop, volunteer for the foundation or enter into another relationship with the Vissenloop, we need personal data. With the help of this data we can register a walker or other relation correctly and maintain contacts.

The Vissenloop wants to provide good service to walkers and other relations. The Vissenloop uses name and address details, for example, to maintain contacts and to inform walkers about various matters. But data is also processed from people who ask a question in order to be able to help them as best as possible.

Finally, there are practical matters for which the Vissenloop processes data. For example, to support administrative processes related to contributions, statistical analyzes and so on.

Data is not used for promotional or marketing purposes.

Personal data will not be processed for longer than is necessary for the purpose for which the data was obtained.

Does the Vissenloop also process special personal data?

Special personal data are sensitive data, for example about health, criminal history, ethnic data or data concerning race.

The Vissenloop does not process any special personal data.

How does the Vissenloop handle personal data?

Personal data is carefully stored by the Vissenloop and no longer than is necessary for normal use within the foundation or the purpose for which it was processed.

Who has access to personal data?

Personal data is only accessible to board members, employees and volunteers who perform work that requires access. When systems containing personal data (for example software for the hikers administration) are managed by a third party, a processing agreement is concluded with that third party.

Can I see which data the Vissenloop processes about me?

On the website every person can see which information is publicly published by the Vissenloop. In addition, every walker can request from the secretariat which personal data is processed. The Vissenloop aims to answer such a request within four weeks. If this is not possible, the person concerned will receive a reasoned notification.

Where can I go with a question or complaint?

For questions or complaints about the processing of personal data by the Vissenloop, please contact the secretariat. The Vissenloop aims to respond to such contact within four weeks. If this is not possible, the person concerned will receive a reasoned notification.

Privacy Policy Changes

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