Company teams

Sponsor brochure Vissenloop IJmuiden 2019

Sponsorship committee

Fred van Dam
T 06-53415629

Nico Stoker
T 06-28551987

Esther van Luyn
T 06-23231619

You are already a sponsor

If you have sponsor pack A, B or C, you can also register a company team, as follows:

  • Do not apply via, but via our secretariat
  • A team consists of at least 5 people
  • You pay the normal price per distance per participant
  • The more participants you have, the more you will receive a volume discount; i.e
    • With 10 participants, you pay 8
    • With 15 participants, you pay 12
    • With 20 participants you pay 16
    • Etc.

You are not yet a sponsor

You can register company teams and get the same discount as mentioned above, but you will pay an additional amount of € 100 as a registration for a team.
All company teams can wear their own clothing or order something from us. In the latter case (depending on logo and number of colours) a tailor-made offer will be provided. The last date for ordering for this is May 1, 2024.