Help wanted!

Organizing a walking event is not possible without your help, that’s why we are looking for motivated volunteers for the Vissenloop 2022 on May 21 (and May 20).

On the day before the official walking tour, as many preparatory activities as possible are carried out. Such as setting up the start and finish location. This means that market stalls are transported to the stamping posts and distribution posts and set up on site. On the day itself, only flags and banners need to be applied. For the stamping posts we are looking for people who welcome the participants and motivate them to enjoy the tour.

Vrijwilligers delen water uit

At the distribution points we need volunteers who hand out drinks, fruit, energy bars, Snelle Jelle, etc. Fruit is cut into smaller pieces in advance by volunteers. Think of apples, bananas and melons. It’s just nice to staff such a stall.

For the safety of the walkers, the deployment of traffic controllers is necessary. This requires a certificate that can be obtained after following an e-learning instruction. In addition, we are looking for volunteers who, when crossing the public road, guide the walkers a little and draw their attention to passing (car) traffic.

After the walking tour, market stalls for the stamping posts and distribution points will be picked up again and taken to the starting location. So, are you available on one of the days for a few hours or a larger part of the day: sign up via!

A few Vissenloop volunteers
A few Vissenloop volunteers pose during the official kick-off of the Vissenloop 2020 on January 15, 2020 at sponsor Cornelis Vrolijk. Ton van Steijn took the photo.